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February 28, 2013


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Hello all, lots of drawing happening here. I'll be sketching faces and anatomy in the background, and painting pretty concept art to keep you all happy (well, my clients at least!) I'll try to get a few personal pieces done, but bear with me if they are few and far between. But for those who are glaring at me right now (or at least at this journal, which is a little silly, if you think about it), I will be creating something in a different way.
A big thank you to my epic girlfriend, my watchers, all my friends, and all the support everyone gives me. I never appreciate it enough, so here's a little tribute to the best of you!
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 photo angelus_zps06229a72.jpg… My novel fund is up, please take a look. Updates coming soon. It's low fantasy, it's dark, and it's disturbing. Emotions run high throughout, far more than in any fantasy book I've read. The gritty realism and the pain will hopefully make the good parts so much better. There is hope, there is forgiveness, and even the worst of us have a chance to start again. If we truly want to.

I'll also be creating artwork for the story, so that will lessen the amount of stuff I upload too, my apologies. Save up some spare nickels and dimes over the next few weeks, and help me get this published! =) What else can I offer with my book? Any ideas? I'd love to give my supporters the most, and the best!

Please take the time to look at my professional portfolio here:
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What is "Low" fantasy?

Good luck with the book.
VonStreff Apr 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Low fantasy often has less or no magic, getting as close to a real-world setting as possible (in this case more of a medieval setting). High fantasy (Lord of the Rings) has magic, forces, and all that. :)

So Neverwhen by Neil Gaiman is low or high fantasy?
Its in a modern setting and there was some magic.
I don't remember how much.
Definitely a book I would read again.

Thanks for explaining.
VonStreff Apr 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
[link] I may have got it slightly wrong, actually. This was interesting. Hope it helps! :) :)
Thanks for the article.

So Harry potter/Neverwhen are high fantasy because it fits "world within a world".
This is hidden from normal people.

The shadowrun series is low fantasy because everyone
knows about magic and Orcs, dwarfs and other creatures.
Demi-Elf Mar 29, 2013
A certain crazy person hmmm? =p
VonStreff Mar 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Big thanks to that crazy person, who shares in my deepest insanity and madness with full fervor. :hug:
Demi-Elf Mar 30, 2013
:) :heart:
VonStreff Mar 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Love you! :rose:
Demi-Elf Mar 31, 2013
Love you too :rose: :rose: :rose:
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